Will The Texas Bullet Train Ever Be Built?

We have written about the Texas Bullet Train several times in this blog, February 28, 2017, May 21, 2020 and October 8, 2020.

The project, after a decade since it was announced, is still in limbo.  This is despite a June 2022 ruling by the Texas Supreme Court allowing the company to use eminent domain to acquire its right of way.

The company is in complete disarray.  The CEO resigned and the Texas Central Board disbanded.  Land acquisition has stopped for the last two years.

The high-speed train that promises to transport passengers between Dallas and Houston in 90 minutes has been approved by the Federal Railroad Administration according to Texas Central Railroad, the company in charge of the project.

Interesting is the concern voiced by many of their fear that people who live in areas near the proposed route will see their property values drop.  This is true “consequential” damage similar to having a high voltage power line placed across your backyard.  The takings will also most probably cause severance damages to the remainder.  Typical severance damage is loss of access.

The project will require extensive condemnation as the railroad only has one-third of the land needed for the project.  Landowners who oppose the project argued that they will not benefit from the railway since there are no stops planned between the two cities.  Hence, there is no benefit to them with the project.  They may not have to worry.  The project appears to have died a natural death.

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