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Everything Is Big In Texas

Texas has been operating a state park on land leased for free for 50 years.  The owner made a deal to sell the land to a luxury home developer.  The 5,000-acre parcel of land was purchased for $110.5 million by Todd developers. After months of stalled legislative efforts and failed negotiations to secure the park, the state opted to seize the land from Todd Interests, a Dallas-based developer, who purchased the property in February for $110.5 million.  Commissioners were not eager to use the power of eminent domain to condemn… read more

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The War Over Wind Farms

Wyoming has a range war going on.  It’s something out of a Zane Gray novel.  The problem is wind farms and transmission lines.  Wind and solar farms require exponentially more land than conventional power plants, and require an extensive buildout of thousands of miles of transmission lines to transport energy from wherever it is being produced at any given moment to where it is being consumed. A ranch owner described the experience of receiving a letter telling him that a company told him they were going to build a pipeline… read more

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You Can Move Your Team to Another City. But Good Luck with the Stadium.

So, the Oakland A’s are moving out of Oakland to Las Vegas.  The team’s owner also owns a half-interest in the in the Oakland Coliseum.  This is not good for the City of Oakland since he could block the future redevelopment of one of Oakland’s most valuable parcels. Meanwhile, Oakland officials, who want to see new housing and commercial development on the Coliseum property, in January entered into an exclusive negotiating agreement with African American Sports and Entertainment Group to eventually sell it the city’s half-interest in the site. AASEG… read more

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The Dodgers May Have Stolen More Than Second Base.

The New York Times wrote a story on May 7, 2023, “The Land Beneath This Stadium Was Theirs.  They Want It Back.” The article written by Jesus Jimenz states: Long before the Dodgers won their first World Series at Dodger Stadium in 1963 and Sandy Koufax tossed the team’s first perfect game in 1965, the land the ballpark was built on was home to hundreds of families living in communities called Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop. Those neighborhoods and their residents were displaced in the 1950s by the city… read more

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Iowa Court Denys the Right to Enter Land for Surveys. What Does This Mean for New York?

The Des Moines Register reported that a Clay County district judge ruled that a state law allowing pipeline companies to survey property owners’ land without permission is unconstitutional, delivering a victory to landowners who have been battling against proposed carbon capture pipeline projects. The ruling came after Navigator CO2 Ventures sued Martin Koenig last year, saying he had repeatedly blocked the Omaha, Nebraska, company from surveying his land near Sioux Rapids in northwest Iowa. Navigator, one of three companies that want to build a carbon capture pipeline across Iowa, said… read more

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